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Station Kievskaya

Opened: 14.03.1954
Architects: E.Katonin, V.Skugarev, G.Golubev

One of the most elaborate and extravagant Underground stations on the circle line is dedicated to the friendship between the Russian and Ukrainian people and is named Kiev after the capital city of the Ukraine.  This station is also the favorite of Nikita Kruschtschov who was elected to CPSU (communist party) leader in 1953 and with the completion of this station was able to declare his love for the Ukraine.  18 mosaics are situated on the pillars alone.  Some depict happier days in the soviet Ukraine, others the revolution of 1917.

This style of this station is socialist realism which corresponds with an ideology rather than an art form.  On almost every picture Russian symbols can be found: the red flag complete with hammer and sickle in remembrance of the soviet past.


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