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Station Dostoyevskaya

Opened: 19.06.2010
Architects: N. Popov, L.Rasstegnyaeva

The origin of this name is self-explanatory.  Dostoyevsky is known all over the world.  Not far from here is a modest house which was once the family home of Dostoyevsky and where the future author of ‘The Gambler’ and ‘The Idiot’ spent his early years before setting out for St. Petersburg.

The design of the station accurately reflects the tenor of the author’s works: the black-white-gray palette, a color combination which is by no means gloomy, gives the station a rather bright and cheerful feel.  Several of the supporting arches or pylons depict scenes from Dostoyevsky’s novels and are once again in the Florentine Mosaic style.